Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Arthur Ellis Awards for Crime Writing: 2015 -2018 winners in Best Juvenile/Young Adult category

Over the past few years, I have been so busy trying to ensure I review as many books on my blog CanLit for LittleCanadians that I have been negligent about keeping up with book award news.  Sadly, I missed announcing winners of the Arthur Ellis Awards for Excellence in Canadian Crime Writing from the Crime Writers of Canada for multiple years. Mea culpa.

The news may be old but these winners are still worthy of being recognized and make up a great list of must-read crime and mystery books.  So let's applaud their wins and toast them now.

 to these winners of the 
Arthur Ellis Award for 
Best Juvenile/Young Adult Crime Books!


The winner is:
Dead Man's Switch
Written by Sigmund Brouwer
Harvest House

The winner is:
Trouble is a Friend of Mine
Written by Stephanie Tromly
Kathy Dawson Books


The winner is:
Masterminds: Criminal Destiny
Written by Gordon Korman


The winner is:
Written by Linwood Barclay
Puffin Canada

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